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At enish, Inc., we are fully aware of our social mission and strictly observe legal regulations that protect individual rights and protect all personal information handled by our company. To uphold the following policies, our company built a management system for personal information protection, which our entire company pledges to work to continuously improve the system in response to the newest IT trends and changes in social demands and the management environment.

1. Our company shall obtain, use and provide personal information within the scope necessary to our company's justifiable pursuit of business, and has taken measures to prevent handling of personal information outside the scope necessary to meet specified use purposes.
2. Personal information protection law, Japanese national guidelines and other criteria will be strictly observed.
3. Logical safety measures shall be enforced to prevent risks of leak, loss and damage, and ongoing improvements made to the personal information security system. In the event of an emergency, corrective actions shall be taken immediately.
4. Our company shall provide an appropriate response promptly and in good faith to any dispute and/or consultation regarding the handling of personal information.
5. The management system for personal information protection may be reviewed at any time as necessary in response to changes in the environment surrounding our company.
6. This privacy policy may be modified without advance notice.

Personal information use
Purposes for which personal information held by enish, Inc. may be used:

(1) To manage use history of our company's products and/or services, and to respond to inquiries
(2) To check content used to apply for our company's products and/or services.
(3) To deliver information related to our company's products and/or services.
(4) To improve the quality of our company's products and/or services and the enish, Inc. website.
(5) To confirm identity.
(6) In addition to the preceding items, in the event that our company will use personal information for a purpose other than those listed above in the appropriate pursuit of company tasks (which include tasks consigned to our company), our company will disclose any use purpose in advance at the time said personal information is obtained. In addition, our company shall not use the personal information obtained outside the scope necessary to meet this purpose without the consent of the individual involved, except in cases recognized by law.

For inquiries about our personal information protection policy, please contact:
Personal Information Inquiry Office
Administrative Division, enish, Inc.
39F Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills, 6-10-1Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6139
Email: privacy@enish.com


Revised February 28, 2013
Final revision March 26, 2014
enish, Inc.
CEO Kohei Antoku