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Investor Relations

Business Description

Our company provides social network games, which are game software using mobile phones, to users through platform operators(such as GREE、DeNA). In particular, we have had overwhelming support from especially female users for our "management simulation games" (such as "My restaurant (Boku no resutoran) "series and Girl's Shop☆ (Garu sho☆)
We have also provided O2O(Online to Offline) business to these game users such as sending notices and promotions from companies, making various proposals, beyond just games, related to their daily lives.

【Business Structure】


※O2O is an abbreviation for ”Online to Offline” which are measures that prompt certain actions such as shopping to go from the internet ("online") to outside the internet ("offline").

Business development going forward

Social network games are basically provided for free.
As the user makes progress in a certain game, they purchase "items" in order to further enjoy the game, and/or take part in "events" for a fee, and these amount charged become our revenue.
In the area of our “management simulation games”, our company has been able to successfully develop a user segment for “females in and above their twenties”, which is quite unique exploited in the game industry.


Based on the know-how accumulated, our company will implement the following:

  • ・Smooth transition to "Native Apps" (providing smartphone based game software)
  • ・Expand into overseas markets focusing on Asia, where there is high interest in Japan
  • ・Develop O2O business in accordance with the expansion in the user demographic (real marketing business in order to solicit users into stores)