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Investor Relations

Management Philosophy

To create fans of enish all over the world

Our company's slogan is ”To create fans of enish all over the world”, and the message implied in the design of our corporate logo is as follows:


The design of the letter "e"- the first letter of our company name "enish", is a combination of "e" as in "entertainment" and the letter "G" for "game". The shape also inserts the shape of the Chinese character "日” (sun) for Japan, and also the Chinese character for the number one "一”, to express how enish, wishes to expand itself into the world. This design is also shaped like a traditional Japanese family emblem. And by continuously creating something "Fun", we connect people, and the world, which consequently will increase "Fan"s of enish. It is also associated with the Japanese word "en" (Japanese for "bond") which is the origin of our company name. In this way, the slogan, although simple, addresses and expresses many meanings.